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Looking to sell Cartier watches? You've come to the right place.


Watch Collector is Australia's foremost expert in second hand Cartier watches. Unlike our competitors, we do all of our restoration in-house, using Swiss machinery and cutting edge restoration techniques. This makes us a factory perfect finish world class watch dealer in second hand watches.


Sell Cartier watches with the Experts.

We are Australia's foremost experts in selling Cartier second hand watches and watch restoration. Cutting edge technology and expertise put us at the forefront of watch polishing in Australia and the world. We polish hundreds of second hand watches annually and restore second hand watches for most of the local trade. Our finishing is undoubtedly world class.


Cartier Watches - Strict quality control.

Watch Collector undertake strict quality control and testing to ensure consistency of quality. Each watch is authenticity verified. Before we sell Cartier watches, all items are serviced and cosmetically detailed. Only after this process do watches make it to our online showroom.



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Cartier Tank Francaise Gents

Cartier Tank Francaise Gents

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