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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Questions For Sellers

Do you buy watches for cash?

Yes, we pay cash for watches, if you are interstate we wire funds upon delivery, cash or cheque in person, whichever you prefer.

How do i get paid?

Cash, Cheque, Wire Transfer, Its up to you.

Do I have to pay for a valuation?

No your valuation is free and can usually be done on the spot at our offices or over the phone. If you are interstate and cannot come to see us in person we may ask that you fill our a sell a watch form located here or send through some photos of your watch to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Does it matter where i am located?

No, we deal on a national scale. We have plenty experience sending watches all over Australia, we send dozens of watches interstate weekly whether its  buying, selling or re-finsihing watches for clients throughout Australia.. All of our watches are fully covered in transit. Alternatively you can pick up or drop off your watch at our Sydney Offices Or Melbourne Headquarters. 

How do i know my valuation is accurate?

We realistically determine what your watch is worth based on our previous sales history and global market prices. Each watch is unique and is assessed on a case by case basis. There are many finite details that can affect your watches value. Our knowledge and expertise can accurately determine this.

What are the benefits of consignment?

Consignment if worthwhile if you are not in a hurry for a payout. Because we dont have to tie up company capital in a piece of stock, we undertake less risk. This therefore translates to a much higher payout as apposed to selling the watch outright for cash.

What are your fees for consignment?

Our fees for consignment are 20% for watches that are retailed for less than $10,000AUD. Watches that retail for a higher amount we can usually do a better percentage rate at our discretion. In certain circumstances we may offer a lower consignment fee depending on your watches make and model.

 All our consignment customers benefit from free polishing. If your watch has cosmetic issues, normally there would be a cost associated to make the watch saleable. All cosmetic work is complementary and is done free of charge regardless of make and model.

What if my watch needs a service?

Once we are able to view your watch in person, we will be able to tell if the watch will be in need of a service. All watches that have a low amplitude will need to have a service done as part of our commitment to our customers. This will be an expense that has to be beard by the consignment client. All watches will be quoted on at trade price and are done so on a case by case basis. Servicing costs will be deducted from the final selling price of your watch. All consignment clients will get a comprehensive and transparent layout of fees and final payouts before any consignment agreement has taken place.

Do I have to send a photo?

In most circumstances we ask that you do send through few photos of the watch you would like to consign or sell using our sell a watch formits quick, easy and will take only a few moments to fill out. A member of our staff will contact you within the next 24hours to go through your best options and give you a quote.

Who decides the selling price?

We do, ultimately we will realistically determine what price we will be retailing your watch at. This is outlined and represented clearly before you sign our consignment agreement.

What if my watch is not running or has cosmetic issues?

Not a problem, we are the foremost experts in Australia at watch polishing and restoration. We restore in house hundreds of watches to perfection annually and use some of the most experience watch makers in the trade. 

Do you have to take physical possession of my watch?

Yes, in order to verify the authenticity of your watch it is imperative the we have physical possession of it during the consignment period. We must also photograph the watch professionally and have it available for viewing at our Melbourne and Sydney Offices. 

How long do you have to have my watch on consignment?

The minimum time for consignment is 90days. This way we can guarantee a substantial audience  to consider the watch for purchase. This guarantees that the watch sells for the highest price possible. 

What happens if you don’t achieve a sale ?

Rarely do we not achieve a sale. We have hundreds of customers visiting our site daily, your watch will get the best possible exposure by collectors and the general public alike. In the event that the watch doesnt sell within the consignment period your watch will be returned to you. Alternatively you can continue extend the term of your consignment.
Questions For Buyers

How can i pay for a watch?

There are a variety of ways we accept payment. Direct deposit and wire transfer are available on prior arrangement. We can process card payments via our Anz merchant facility, over the phone or in person. You are also welcome to pay with cash at our headquarters as well. Paypal is also accepted directly via our website too.

All card payments incur a 1.5% surcharge. Unfortunately (no Amex).

How quickly will i get my watch?

All postage within Australia is complementary. We use hand delivered courier services that are fully insured and guaranteed next day delivered. We can arrange for your watch to be delivered to your home or office upon request. Depending on your location we use either Australia post courier or Toll Priority. All watches are covered nationally by our independent insurer and require a signature upon arrival.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, all watches sold by the Watch Collector Company Pty Ltd come with a 12 month warranty. Some watches still come with balance of the original manufacturer warranty remaining. In such instance the warranty is transferable and any warranty claim should be taken up with the manufacturer.For a detailed explanation of our warranty please visit our terms of business page below.

How can i be sure my watch is Authentic?

All our watches are checked by our expert staff and fully qualified watchmaker and come with a written guarantee and warranty presented to you in writing unconditionally stating your watch is to be genuine in ever way for the lifetime of ownership or your money back. For more information concerning warranty please see our terms of business page below for a detailed explanation.

We stake our reputation on the products we sell and the services we provide to be nothing short of exceptional. 

What happens if I don’t like the watch when received?

At the Watch Collector Company you can try before you buy. We have a unconditional 48hour money back guarantee. Upon receiving your watch, If you dont like it for whatever reason. Let us know, we will arrange for the watch to be returned to our offices. Provided that the watch has not been worn but simply tried on for appraisal purposes only we will provide a full refund via the exact same way payment was initially made.

Are my details secure?

Prior to sending your watch out, depending on your method of payment we may request some photo ID and or other details that identify who you are as part of our security screening process.
All information obtained from you is secure and is not shared with any third parties. More detailed information can be found on our Privacy Policy statement.

What about spare links?

Because we are in the second hand market we cannot predict how many, if any links will come with the watches we get offered. What we do in this instance is supply links on a needs basis. After payment is complete we will give you precise instructions on how to measure your wrist. These measurements will be used to size your watch accordingly to ensure perfect fitting upon arrival. This way we can ensure that we have plenty links on hand to supply our customers free of charge.

(Watches that are advertised as brand new in plastic will have all links provided by manufacturer)

Can you perform a service or re-finish on my watch in future?

Absolutely, we have access to some of the most experience watch makers in the trade and all of our expert re-finishing services are performed in house by our own technicians who are Australias Leaders and foremost experts in watch re-finishing techniques. 
Terms of Business

What to expect when buying from us.
Our goods come with warranties that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. All watches are checked and serviced if need be by our watchmakers to very high standards, we are confident, the watch you purchase is of high quality and is fit for its intended purpose. In the rare event there is a problem with your watch it will be our priority to make sure you and your watch are looked after in a timely manner. You are entitled to have your watch repaired or replaced if it fails to be of acceptable quality. In the event of a major failure we will offer a full refund.

All watches sold by the Watch Collector Company Pty Ltd come with a 12 month warranty. Some watches still come with balance of the original manufacturer warranty remaining. In such instance the warranty is transferable and any warranty claim should be taken up with the manufacturer.

Vintage Watches
Vintage watches may explicitly come without warranty. One cannot expect a vintage rolex being 30+ years old to run within current manufacturer specifications. In some cases where watches may be of considerable age understandably, the structural integrity of the case can be compromised and water resistance cannot be guaranteed. Any exclusions to our normal 12 month warranty will be clearly communicated to you so that you are made fully aware prior to purchasing.

All pre owned watches sold by the Watch Collector Company Pty Ltd are made sure to have a high amplitude and to be accurately regulated. All watches that originally would have come with a chronometer certification (-4/6+) seconds a day will be made sure to be accurate within these parameters.

Water Resistance Guarantee
All watches sold by the Watch Collector Company Pty Ltd come with a water resistance guarantee if originally intended by the manufacturer. To put simply if you buy a Rolex submariner we guarantee that the watch will be water resistant as intended by Rolex when sold new. In certain cases, mainly concerning vintage watches we will explicitly not give a water resistance guarantee. For example, we would not recommend a 40 year old rolex submariner to be submerged as it won't  have the same structural integrity and water resistance properties as the day it way sold brand new.

Warranty Claims.
All warranty issues must be raised by the customer within a reasonable time. Watch Collector Company Pty Ltd will diagnose and repair the watch by its own watchmakers and specialists in a timely manor and returned to the customer at our expense.

In some cases the Watch Collector Company Pty Ltd will use other independent watchmakers to diagnose and resolve an issue at our expense. This will be arranged only after Watch Collector staff have become aware of an issue. At which point it will be at our discretion whether or not to use another qualified watchmaker other than their own.

All watches that are are opened or dismantled by either the customer or non approved third party watch repairer will void your Watch Collector warranty and in most cases the balance of the manufacturers warranty where applicable.

All watches are priced in Australian dollars and are Gst (tax) inclusive. You may be able to claim the gst paid when exiting the country within 60 days of purchasing a watch.

All watches come with complimentary shipping to any address in Australia. We use a hand delivered courier service with Australia Post or Toll Priority courier services depending on your location. All packages are fully insured and will require a signature upon delivery and usually arrive next day depending on your location.

International Postage.
We send hundreds of watches annually and have substantial experience sending watches all over the world, we can organise a watch to be sent to various destinations. Pricing and timeframes are available on application.

Returns Policy.
We have a 2 day no questions asked full refund policy. If you do not like your watch for whatever reason when it arrives please let us know. We will give you specific postage instructions on how to send your watch back to our offices, its very easy and will require very little effort. The cost of sending the watch back will be covered by the customer.

As long the watch has not been worn in any way other than for appraisal purposes only and is in the same condition as it was sent we will provide a full refund to you via the same method payment that was initially used.